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Relax, recover, rebuild.

Divorce is lonely. Don’t go it alone.

The founders of Lighthouse were both young women with good careers — and even greater personalities. But they were divorced. And the stigma of divorce, particularly in the Orthodox Jewish community, where family life is valued, left them feeling misunderstood.

The lack of support for single women with their specific cultural needs was glaring. So in 2010, the pair put their entrepreneurial foot forward and founded a support group to relieve Orthodox Jewish divorced women of the trauma and helplessness they face, through peer support, social welfare and group counselling.

When they got their feet wet, in the foreign foamy waters, single women clung to their offerings like a raft on water. Their marriages had broken up, some had to leave their homes, others were living with the trauma of domestic abuse — and they felt like their lives were over.

But suddenly there was this shining beacon, this ray of hope. And they had this awakening, ‘Hey look, I can! It’s possible!’ 

They heard from newfound peers how things can get better, how they’ve been empowered to make better choices and build better relationships, how women have remarried and moved on.

And under the dark inky sky, they saw the light…at the top of the Lighthouse.

Let there be light.

Soon, no longer was peer support and counselling enough. The women wanted more. And incredibly, although both founders were remarried with families within a few years of Lighthouse’s set up, they continue to power their passion. Because who’s more qualified to respond to the plight of divorcees than those who have lived and experienced it?

Their wealth of services has exploded to include the children of divorcees, respite accommodation, family retreats, financial distributions, mental health support, health and parenting workshops, vocational training, food parcels, seasonal events, gift packages, and more. 

Lighthouse is also affiliated with other specialised organisations, so they could give their users wraparound support for long-term impact.

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Our Mission

We are committed to make sure divorced women have support, stability and community every day.

Because no one should have to live in a world where they feel alone.

Our Vision

To move women from their state of vulnerability and trauma to a place of safety, resilience and social inclusion,  so they go on to become self-sufficient and build healthy relationships in life.


Values and Vibes


We treat our users with dignity and respect. We do not judge, nor do we patronise; we make them feel like regular, respected members of society — which is what they are.


We work with specialist services and other organisations to facilitate a holistic level of support to families, so they can rise above the trauma of divorce with the least possible scars.


We believe in the strengths of our users, creating programmes that work for our users, led by the expertise of our users, for a most authentic and impactful experience.


We do not dwell on darkness but focus on the light, exuding positive, relaxed vibes, so that our users should feel awakened and energised by our services to be able to forge on.


We are committed to challenging inequalities and discrimination, raising awareness about divorce and single motherhood in the Orthodox Jewish community and giving our users a voice, to elicit more understanding and respect.


We’re continuously looking for new and creative solutions and encourage others’ ideas, to give our users a steady stream of highlights to look forward to and to be that constant breath of fresh air.


Our organisation is run fully on a volunteer basis to ensure minimum overhead and maximum benefit for our struggling beneficiaries, who depend on our generous funders’ support to manage their circumstances.


Understanding and care is at the heart of what we do — and in the hearts of all our staff, to ensure every individual in the community who needs us feels safe to join and comfortable to stay.

How are lives changing with Lighthouse?

Your activities and support help me cope better.

Do you know what it means that I was able to have a full meal and feel satisfied?

When I’m in your safe space I forget my hardships.

You are all a divorced woman needs in her life!

My kids agree to go to therapy, because their new friends do.


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