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The life and soul of the Lighthouse

Meet the crew.

At the helm of our operations, a hardworking, talented team keeps the cogs turning. They are deeply passionate about the cause and dedicate their days to helping divorced women catch some light.

Hindy Schlesinger

Chair and Clinical Lead

As a qualified psychotherapist, Hindy serves as a beacon of light for the organisation she founded and the users she supports.

Zeldy Weissman

Director of Services

Heading the sales, housing needs and leasehold matters at a local housing association for 20+ years, Zeldy has what it takes to power our operation.

Friedy Lazega

Financial Consultant

An accountant running her own firm, Freidy brings 20+ years of accounting experience to keep Lighthouse maintained and moving.

Raisy Abeles

Project Manager

An interior designer by profession, Raisy uses her innate creativity to help our many projects take shape and take off.